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MARKETING HUB: Request Co-op Balance

Free Advertising Dollars

Team Horner® offers Co-op advertising dollars to help you grow. You automatically earn Co-op funds based on your purchase of Team Horner brands: AquaCal, AutoPilot, Lo-Chlor and StoneHardscapes. Complete the form below to request your available Co-op balance

Co-op Balance Request for Dealers
Please separate emails with a comma.
Please list all account numbers separated by commas.
Brands purchased (check all that apply)

How It Works:

Earn a percentage of your current year’s purchases to use towards advertising*
Advertise our products
Get Reimbursed**

Eligible Media:

  • Direct mailings

  • Digital advertising

  • Vehicle & retail signage
  • TV & Radio advertising

  • Apparel & promo items***

  • & more!

To make the most of this opportunity, please download and review the Co-op rules. Understanding these guidelines will help you maximize your benefits.

Download Co-op Rules

Watch this video to learn about the Co-op program.

* 5% of AquaCal, AutoPilot and Lo-Chlor current year purchases. 2% of StoneHardscapes current year purchases.
** See Co-op Program Terms and Conditions for details. We reimburse for 100% of the portion dedicated to our brands, not to exceed the amount of Co-op available.
*** Not eligible for StoneHardscapes reimbursement.

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