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What Winning Together means to us

For Team Horner® our Value System of Working Together… Growing Together… Winning Together has been our mission statement since the early 70’s and they are much more than just words. It is our “walk” every day, it is the way we do business, our willingness as a Team to achieve a common goal of Winning Together for our customers, our suppliers, and the Team.

Dr. William A. Kent CEO

Dr. William A. Kent

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Mike Dooley, President & COO

Mike Dooley

President & COO
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Bob-Kulstad Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Team Horner Group

Bob Kulstad

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
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Gary Chisling, Vice President

Gary Chisling

Vice President
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Linda Carroll, VP of International Distribution

Linda Carroll

Vice President of International Sales
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Darren Goldstein, VP of US Distribution

Darren Goldstein

Vice President of US Wholesale Distribution
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Jeff Tawney, Vice President - AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.-Manufacturing

Jeff Tawney

Vice President of Engineering - AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.
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Don Detwiller, Vice President Aquacal AutoPilot, Inc.-Sales

Don Detwiler

Vice President of Sales - AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.
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Jason Taghikhani

Vice President of Manufacturing - AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.
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Pamela Luciani

Vice President - StoneHardscapes, LLC
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Jerry Mason

Statewide Branch Sales Manager & HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Cape Coral

Chuck Schilling

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Fort Lauderdale

Tom Williams

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Naples & Fort Myers

Dylan Kain

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Kissimmee, Melbourne & Gainesville

Bryant Ewing

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Jacksonville & Ormond Beach

Marc Castro

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Long Island

Lorrie Braun

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Longwood

Rosa Cortes

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Miami

Gretchen Knaebel

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Port St. Lucie, Stuart & Vero Beach

Daniel Lastra

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – St. Pete & Pasco

Kelley Kordon

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Sarasota

Sara Spray

HornerXpress® Branch Manager – Palm Beach

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